• Longevity Protection
  • Lifetime Income Options
  • Joint Lifetime Income Options
  • Return Of Premium Guarantees
  • Cost Of Living Increases
  • 5 - 50 Years Of Payments
  • Quality Insurance Carriers
  • Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, Annual Payment Modes 
  • No Annual/Up Front Fees

If you already own a fixed annuity and would like a free review, we can help. Find out if you are utilizing all the relative contract features to maximize the yield. 

Do you have a Pension, 401K or other qualified plan left at an old job? Would like to get control of those assets? We can help.


(SPIA) Immediate Annuities

Is there an advantage purchasing through AnnuityExperts.com? 

  • Our clients have access to specially priced group annuity products as well as the mainstream fixed annuities that are widely available.
    We will illustrate rates from multiple companies in the annuity marketplace to offer the most competitive and appropriate products. 

  • Clients will be working directly with experienced industry veterans who will patiently walk you through the benefits of tax-deferred fixed annuities. Additionally, client who purchase will receive excellent service on their in-force policies for years down the road.

In today's tumultuous economic times you can't afford to take chances....

YOU deserve worry-free and guaranteed retirement income and accumulation options.

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  • Indexed Linked Returns
  • Higher Potential 
  • Minimum Guaranteed Interest Rate
  • Lifetime Income Options
  • Liquidity Options
  • Simple To Understand Index Crediting Methods
  • Annually Reset & Lock-In Any Credited Interest Gains
  • No Upfront Fees / Adding Income Rider Will Cause An Annual Fee

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(MYGA) Multi Year Guarantee Annuity

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  • Fixed Rate Of Interest Guaranteed For A Set Period Of Time (3-10 Years)
  • Tax-Deferred Accumulation
  • Free Withdrawals Available
  • Compounding Interest
  • Avoid Probate 
  • Annuitize For Lifetime Income
  • No Annual/Upfront Fees


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