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Check those fixed annuities that are still active. Are they performing to their full potential? Check to see if you're maximizing your yield by employing all of the contract's relative features. 

It's also a good idea to conduct beneficiary reviews. Is there anything that has changed or that needs to be updated? 

Are you ready for end of term renewals? Are you aware of any liquidity windows?
What are the contractual minimum rate?  

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LIFE AGENTS: Our process is simple:First, we discuss requirements, and then we look for the most suitable option that fits the design. Following that comes the contracting and application process, which we will assist you with. The annuity contract is issued after the application is approved and the premiums are received. Finally, during the free look period, deliver the contract for review.

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  • We have access to institutionally priced annuity products as well as the mainstream fixed and immediate annuities that are widely available.

  • We review and illustrate rates from multiple companies in the annuity  marketplace to offer the most competitive and appropriate products. 

  • We are experienced industry veterans who will patiently walk you through the current fixed annuity landscape. Additionally, we pride ourselves on providing excellent service from initial introduction to renewal of in-force policies for years down the road.

Our main focus is on guarantees! We represent a variety of insurance solutions that provide both accumulation and income.

We have the skills and competence to identify the most competitive rates and companies as a wholesaler. All of this is done to increase and secure your options.

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