Deferred Start Immediate Annuity
Future Income By Deferring The Start Date

Pick future retirement income, start date & guarantee it today!

Deferred Start Income For Life Guarantees a specific income to begin on a predetermined date in the future. Funded today the income is guaranteed in the future. There are cash out options available, details vary by carrier.

Male age 55 wants a guaranteed income of $2,000 monthly at age 65 for life with a refund guarantee. How can we determine how much he will need?


SAMPLE: 3 way to solve this:

100% Guaranteed

Assumed With Deferred Annuity Assumed With Indexed Annuity
The Guaranteed Deferred Start Immediate Annuity can guarantee this $2,000 income with a deposit of $183,995.00 today.

Our specialist analyze the average cost of providing a 65 year today with the $2,000 income. Currently $335,529.65. 
Then using a guaranteed rate 4.30% come up with the deposit need to grow in 10 years to the $335,529.65.
In this case $220,235.75

Same cost for the current age 65 male income as the SPDA assumption $335,529.65.         
Only using Indexed annuity back modeling assume a deposit of $180,855.00 to achieve same goal of $335,529.65.

Guarantees future income needs today with no chance of change. Very competitive rate and peace of mind.

None we see.

Full liquidity at the end of 10 years.

Can be guaranteed for $36,240.75 less today. Why take a chance.

$3,000 less to fund and could do even better!

Guaranteed end value is only $209,890.00 can leave you very short!

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These are individually run illustration and can take several of days to receive.

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