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Start your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) today with with as little as $2,000. Additional deposits are allowed and can be set up for automatic payments. There are no fees and 100% of your money goes to work for you. Your annuity will never lose value because it is a fixed insurance product.

We have 35 years pension experience and realize the importance of savings. These Fixed Annuity IRAs have only upside potential, guaranteed interest rates for specific periods of time. Your IRA value is guaranteed to grow every year.

These annuities are perfect for all ages, but thanks to the power of tax deferral, the younger you are the harder your money works for you. You choose to contribute monthly, quarterly or when ever you want into these "flexible annuity." Pay as little as $2,000 lump sum deposit and if you like as little as $50 per month into your IRA annuity. Get in the habit NOW of systematically saving for your retirement. Instead of just writing out bills to the phone and electricity companies, write out the most important monthly bill--the one to YOU!

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