Five year annuity guaranteed fixed interest rate! 

Interest Rate:

4.00% For All 5 Years
(3.90% in CA and FL*)
(3.70 In MN**)

*Death Benefit Feature is required in California and Florida and is priced into the California and Florida rates. All California and Florida contracts are issued with the Death Benefit Feature.
**Minnesota contracts do not include Market Value Adjustments (MVA).

Guaranteed Period: Guaranteed For 5
Surrender Charges:

5 Year
30 Day Window
PRIOR To End Of Guarantee Period

During your 30-day window you can surrender your annuity for cash with no surrender charges or market value adjustment.

Minimum Deposit: $2,500 to $1,000,000 for qualified and non-qualified
Issue Age: 0-90 (lower in some state)
States NOT approved in: AL, AK, CT, IN, MA, MI, OH, MA, ME, MO, RI, TN, SC, NY, NJ, NH, IN, VA, VT, WI, WV
Free Withdrawal: None - Subject to surrender charge.
Death Benefits: Surrender On Death

FL CA Only: Death Benefit equals Accumulation Value for policies issued at all ages.

Optional Riders Lower Rate: Required Minimum Distribution Rate is 0.16% Lower
Preferred 10% Free Withdrawal Rate is 0.08% Lower
Terminal Illness/Nursing Home Care Rate is 0.15% Lower
72(t) Free Withdrawal Rate is 0.05% Lower
Death Benefit Feature Rate is 0.35%* Lower
Accumulated Interest Withdrawal Rate is 0.08% Lower
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