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Why a good annuity education is so important!

A great many articles have been written about “annuities” over the years.  I can honestly say, with my 20 plus years experience, almost every article is inaccurate.  The primary reason is the inclusion of both fixed and variable annuities in the same article.  One is an apple and the other an orange.

To explain all the differences would require a long dissertation, but the major difference is that a fixed annuity is an insurance plan with insured guarantees. A variable annuity is a security and puts the risk on the buyer. Another major item is the expenses with a variable annuity compared to zero with a fixed annuity (fixed rates are guaranteed and net of all expenses).

I urge the clients who are looking for safety and guarantees to investigate the fixed annuity and the potential advantages.  Give us a call to discuss this in detail. 800-373-9697.

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