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A top concern of seniors and retirees is the risk of outliving their money.  The SPIA insures a guaranteed lifetime income with a refund guarantee and even inflation protection. As an independent agency FSD Financials' goal is to provide the highest guaranteed income from the most secure insurance companies. As a completely independent entity, we will provide an impartial recommendation based on pricing and carrier strength.


Single Premium Immediate Annuity (SPIA) is a retirement income product that provides you, or you and your spouse, with a guaranteed income amount for life or for a set period of time. An immediate annuity is similar to a pension in that it provides a steady, predictable income stream that's guaranteed to last as long as you live.

  • Turn a portion of your savings into a retirement income.
  • Income is guaranteed with no fluctuation and no market risk.
  • Get payouts for the rest of your life or for a specific number of years.
  • Receive monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual payouts deposited directly into your account.
  • Take the hassle out of required distributions from IRAs.


Non-qualified or "after tax" monies used to purchase immediate annuity income have something qualified plans do not. The Exclusion Ratio or amount of the annuity payment that is not subject to income tax since it is considered to be a return of not only interest but of original principal also known as the "cost basis". The cost basis is the original investment and is usually not subject to income tax when distributed from a personal immediate annuity.

The exclusion ratio is determined by the amount of principal and interest being returned. An account with a large amount of credited interest will have a lower exclusion ratio than a mostly principal payout.

For example using sample rates from 2011, if a 60 year old male with $100,000 and a cost basis of $50,000 purchases an annuity income for life the payment would be $594 per month of which 29% would be tax free.

If that same 60 year old had a cost basis of $100,000 the payment is still $594 per month however, the exclusion ratio would be 58%.


A common myth about immediate annuities is that they offer no liquidity. Certain companies do have contracts that cannot be changed, while many others offer some type of liquidity option. These liquidity options allow for advances or full liquidation of the premium deposited. 

OPTIONAL LIMITED BENEFITS - Must be selected at time of purchase.

  • Guaranteed minimum death benefit the policy pays the greater of premiums not already paid or 10% - 50% of the initial premium.
  • Nursing home rider increases payments by 50% if policy owner is confined to a nursing home.
  • Inflation protection/Cost of living adjustment option payments can be guaranteed to increased by 3% a year to keep pace with inflation.

Immediate Annuities have basic product groups. Within these groups are many more guarantee income options and guarantee periods.
Money Back Guarantee
"If I die the insurance company keeps my money" This has been a concern of buyers of lifetime annuities, our SPIA program solves this concern with the money back guarantee feature. More
Single Life Guaranteed Income
This option provides a guaranteed income for one persons life. There are several types of single life immediate annuities to fit all types of income situations. The single life annuity also offers a guaranteed return of premium incase of premature death. More

Joint Life Guaranteed Income
This option provides a guaranteed income on two lives for as long as either annuitant is alive. When either annuitant dies, payments continue to the survivor. The joint life annuity also offers a guaranteed return of premium in event of premature deaths. More

Period Certain Guaranteed Income
This option provides a guaranteed income for a specific time period. Specify 5 -50 years and the payments are  guaranteed for that time period and is not based on any life. More
Deferred Start Immediate Longevity Annuity
Pick future retirement income start date and guarantee it today! A specific income to begin on a predetermined date in the future that is guaranteed for life, joint life or a period certain. More

Impaired Risk Age Rated Immediate
Impaired risk age rated immediate annuities are medically underwritten and can increase client income payouts! A retirement planning advantage. More

Inflation Protected C.O.L.A. Income
This is a life annuity with payments that increase or decrease by a set percentage each year. 
An annually compounded increase from 1% to 5%. Initial benefit can be substantially lower than non-COLA annuities. More


All clients ages 0 - 95. (Limited carriers over age 85)

Product is approved in all states. Not all options are available in all states or for all issue ages.

Consider a fixed annuity if you want to transfer or rollover other older retirement accounts. We can assist in rolling over old 401Ks or other employer plans. We also assist in tax free exchanges for existing annuities via a 1035 exchange.

Is an annuity right for you? Do you have additional liquid assets available in case of unseen needs? Annuities should be viewed as long-term financial instruments.

Please be aware that withdrawal charge periods may last from 1-10 years. These features will be clearly disclosed. However, some companies waive the withdrawal charge in the event of nursing home, premature death or annuitization on many of their fixed annuity products. (Annuitization covers accumulation valued to a guaranteed income stream. 


FSD Financial is available to assist with the application process (M-F 8:30 am -4:30 pm PST)
  1. We will UPS/FedEx all paperwork with a pre-paid return overnight envelope.
  2. Information provided by you on the application kit will begin the process of issuing a contract.
  3. Our insurance experts will help fill out the application kit and suitability form as answers must be complete and detailed.

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