Tax Free Exchanges and Rollovers

1035 Tax Free Exchanges

Tax Free Exchanges and Qualified Rollovers

All deferred annuities provide renewal rates when the initial guarantee period is finished.  Many holders of annuities are currently receiving below market renewal rates.  The tax code allows deferred annuity contract owners to move to a different annuity without paying tax on the earlier gains (IRC 1035).  Qualified annuities (IRA, SEP etc.) can also move to a new contract.  A call to FSD will quickly determine if it is advantageous to transfer to a new contract.  FSD can handle all the necessary paperwork.

IRA Rollovers

If you have an IRA you would like to place into a guaranteed fixed annuity for accumulation or income we can help. A trustee to trustee transfer, IRA Rollover can allow you transfer the existing IRA to a fixed annuity and avoid a taxable distribution. 

401K Rollovers


Have you left your old job. Did you leave the 401K with the old company?

Did you leave a 401K behind at an old job? (FSD Financial Services) has extensive experience in the 401K rollover market. If you would like to move your old 401K to an IRA fixed annuity we can help walk you through the process. Turn your old 401K into retirement insurance with a fixed annuity and have the comfort of guaranteed gains or guaranteed income.

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Rolling from an employer-sponsored plan into an IRA

- Consolidation of accounts
- Wider range of investment options
- Less paperwork to review and maintain
- Less overlap and concentrated positions that can increase overall portfolio risk
- Simpler to calculate and administer RMDs
- Potential for multi-generational planning
- Brochure form carrier

Earnings and pre-tax premium payments are subject to income tax at withdrawal. Withdrawals prior to age 59 are generally subject to a 10% IRS penalty tax. (FSD Financial Services) does not offer tax advice. For specific tax information, consult your attorney or tax advisor. Product and feature availability, as well as benefit provisions can vary by state.

Contact an annuity expert professional for company specific product details and limitations.

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