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Immediate Annuity Income
Guaranteed Income

Minimum Premium To Start:  $5,000*

Minimum Premium To Start: $10,000*

Multi-Year Guarantee Deferred Annuity Rates


Guaranteed Rate To Term
No Surrender 1.25%
1 Year Closed
2 Year Closed
3 Year 3.25% - 3.10% - 3.00% - 3.00%
4 Year 3.35% - 2.80%
5 Year 4.00% - 3.85% - 3.80%
6 Year 4.10% - 3.75%
7 Year 4.00%
8 Year 3.50%
9 Year 3.60

10 Year

4.30% - 3.65%

Rates as of 11/01/2018 and are subject to change

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Single Premium Immediate Annuities

We Often Find The Highest Payments
Use more of your nest egg NOW with the
guarantee you cannot outlive your money!


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Rate In CA
Increase by 20.50% in 5 years guaranteed!

3.85% - 5 Year Yield
$500,000 grows to $603,952.11 in 5 Years
$10,000 Minimum Premium


Basic Features Of A MYGA:

- Select an initial rate guarantee
 period from 3 - 10 years**
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- No less than contractual minimum
 interest rate after initial guarantee

- Interest earned is tax deferred
 until withdrawn, in most cases

- Know exactly how much you will earn from
day one, no assumptions just guarantees

Basic Features Of A SPIA:

- Income payments are guaranteed for
single life, joint lifetimes or a set 
period from 5 - 30 years**

- Payments may be set up as monthly, 
quarterly, semi annually or annually

- A portion of payments may be tax excluded

- Beneficiary guarantees such as a full refund
 of premium or guarantee a gain through an added
 long term period certain option


- Surrender penalty may apply if a 
contract is surrendered or withdrawals
exceed the contractual free amount

- If a contract is surrendered a market
value adjustment may apply, adjusting the
surrender value based on current rates

- Interest rate is net of all internal fees
no added upfront or annual fees


- Some immediate annuities offer liquidity
a surrender penalty may apply if the
contract is commuted or surrendered

- Income payments are net of all fees
no added upfront or annual fees

- A few states charge a premium tax
the tax is priced into payment

- No charge direct deposit of payments

Learn more:

- Call us 800.373.9697

- Visit us in Tarzana, CA

Learn more:

- Call us 800.373.9697

- Visit us in Tarzana, CA


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